About SMI

Results driven sales organization that goes beyond the typical Sales Representation model of the past. In today’s marketplace, change is a constant. Now more than ever there is a critical need for suppliers and retailers to assess and improve the way they work together. Our firm prides itself on providing the service and follow up necessary to operate in today’s dynamic business environment.

17440 N Dallas Pkwy
Suite #116
Dallas TX 75287

206 Southwest 8th St.
Suite #202
Bentonville AR 72712

Our Strengths


In today’s marketplace, change is a constant. We pride ourselves on being able to adjust quickly and provide customized solutions to better serve both our vendor and  retail clients.


Mutually beneficial partnerships with our retail and vendor clients  is at the core of our business model. Project management and organized follow up are what we do best.


Our Brand Executives are laser focused on the accounts they work with and the limited number of product  lines they manage. Fewer vendor. Fewer accounts. A lot more focus.

Our History

Founded over 40 years ago, we have a dedicated vendor base and work with key accounts to build retail programs on a national and international level.

Our Team

Jamie Alter, President & CEO

Jamie is the owner of SMI and currently lives in Frisco, TX with his wife and two daughters. He joined the company as an intern in 1995 and throughout the years, worked in all areas of the business. He purchased the company in 2006, after working closely with company management, it’s sales team and vendor base. Jamie holds a degree in Advertising & Public Relations from Texas Christian University. In his spare time, Jamie enjoys Triathlon, fly-fishing and spending time with his family.


Tom Mclaughlin, Brand Executive

Tom has been with the company since 2001 and manages and works from a remote office in Tennessee. He focuses on key accounts in the Southeast region and specializes in the value channel and dollar store business. Tom joined the team with an extensive background in retail merchandising. He holds a BA in Sociology from Illinois College and currently resides in Nashville, TN. It’s been speculated that Tom has more music stored on his iPod than he could ever possibly listen to in one lifetime.



John Neese, Brand Specialist

John joined our team in 2016 and focuses on the key vendors in his Brand Team. John brings with him an extensive background in both key account sales and supplier management. New to the toy industry, John brings a fresh and unique perspective to the Brand Specialist position. At age 4, John was considered missing after straying from his family and tour group while on a family vacation to South America. Hungry and cold, John was found and rescued by a heard of wild llamas who raised him as one of their own. For over 20 years, John quickly learned all the survival skills his four-legged family would bestow upon him.





Ross Vick, Jr., Founder

Originally founded in 1973, Ross purchased a small Rep firm and created Ross Vick & Associates, Inc. Throughout his career in the toy business, Ross helped pioneer some of the biggest toy brands in the industry, including: Leapfrog, Radica, Larami, Tyco, Power Wheels and ToyMax. Prior to owning and operating RVA, Inc., Ross was the President of USAirfix, Inc. where he imported and manufactured Airfix plastic kits and Dinky brand die-cast toys. Ross is now happily retired and living in Dallas, Texas.

SMI TEAM Claudio

Claudio Vallejo, Brand Manager

Claudio is a graduate from the University of Texas with a B.S. in Advertising. Prior to joining SMI, Claudio successfully managed several popular retail operations, including Zumiez and Tylers – a regional trend apparel company. Claudio is originally from southern California and currently lives in Fort Worth with his wife and family. Claudio is actually leaving the company to pursue a career in marketing, but he’s so good-looking we can’t bear to take him off the website.




Heather Mayfield, Data Specialist

Heather is originally from Philadelphia and moved to Texas in 1997. She joined the SMI in 2016 and is a valuable part of our team, specializing in report data and analytics. Lives in Forney, Texas with her husband Tim and three children. For years, Heather has silently held the self-appointed rap title of “Jam-Master J”. As a girl growing up in Philly, she would regularly compete in street rap exhibitions where she dealt fear to her adveresaries and fellow performers. To this day, she’s never one to shy away from the chance to spit out some stupid-fresh, crazy-mad lyrics. Word.




Rob Seume, VP of Sales

Rob lives in Dallas, TX with his wife, Lara and is a senior member of the management team. Rob joined SMI in June 2001 and has over 15 years of leadership and industry experience. He is a graduate of the University of Texas, with a B.A. in Advertising and Public Relations. As Vice President of Sales, Rob manages our sales team while also working with key accounts of his own. Rob typically orders double rice and no beans when having Mexican food.




Stephanie Dettmer, Office Manager

Stephanie is a north Texas native who joined SMI in 2004. As Office Manager, Stephanie oversees order processing and commission reconciliation. She also works with our sales team to coordinate sales presentations and facilitate ongoing account maintenance. Stephanie is based out of our Dallas office and currently lives in Forney, TX with her husband and daughter. In addition, Stephanie is a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado. She dreams of growing her own coffee beans.


Sherri Thornhill, Brand Manager

Sherri recently joined the SMI team and works in our Dallas sales office. She assists in day to day operations and helps facilitate ongoing communication between our key accounts and vendors. She is originally from California where she attended California State University of Fresno. Sherri owns an actual replica of the One Ring. A magic ring of invisibility created by the Dark Lord, Sauron…it is a treasure she keeps hidden in plain sight on her desk.



Alicia George, Brand Manager

A native Texan, Alicia joined SMI in early 2015. She’s a valuable asset to SMI and assists in the ongoing account maintenance and day to day management of vendors in her Brand Team. Alicia currently lives in Forney, Texas with a small army of cats that she’s adopted over the years. Feeding and keeping up with over 30 cats is a true testament to her dedication. Her secret? She won’t say, but she will admit that mind-control is definitely a factor and that, over the years, she’s found her feline family to be much more responsive when she wears the cat costume she created out of chicken wire and paper mache.


Our Mission

To build mutually valued partnerships with our retail and vendor clients by creating sales opportunities that maximize the potential for both sales and profits.